Monday, August 6, 2012

Caring For Aging Parents With Compassion

Here are answers to your questions about home health care:

What is home health care?

These services offer a wide range of elder care solutions, from helping Mom change her post-surgery dressing to cooking a light lunch for Grandpa. Sometimes called custodial care, this option is ideal for seniors who require occasional help. Home health caregivers will ensure your loved one maintains as much independence as possible.

In addition to help with day-to-day tasks, some health care companies offer skilled nursing services. These medical professionals, often registered nurses, will, among other things, change surgical dressings, administer IVs, insert and replace catheters, and administer prescription drugs. These programs also may also offer physical therapists to do at-home rehabilitation.

If Mom or Dad is nearing the end of life, consider hiring a company that is experienced in caring for aging parents who need hospice services.

Is home health care expensive?

For custodial care services needed for caring for aging parents, the cost can be quite reasonable-especially if your loved one only needs help occasionally. However, the services can be costlier for those who need more skilled care.

While the cost of health care will play an important role in your elder care solution decision, remember that nursing homes cost about $70,000 a year and assisted living facilities cost about $36,000 yearly. That makes home health care a smart investment for many families caring for aging parents.

Be sure to find out if the company you're using for your elder care solution offers prepackaged services for one price or if the rates are charged hourly or per day. Always understand the terms before you or your loved one sign any contract, and make sure you understand how you'll be billed.

If you're caring for aging parents, it's always a smart idea to check with their health care provider to find out if home care services are covered.

Are they safe?

When interviewing a company who may help you in caring for aging parents, make sure they perform employee background checks. Also, look for a company with a low employee turnover rate, which suggests happier employees.

I'm worried about a stranger caring for mom....

Health care companies often assign the same caregiver to provide services for a client. When one or two professionals are regularly caring for aging parents, they can build a trusting relationship with your loved one-and that translates into better care. However, if your parent's regular caregiver is ill or on vacation, a home health care service will be able to offer a qualified substitute.

There's no easy answer when it comes to elder care solutions. However, if you're looking for a wide range of professional services for a reasonable cost, consider investing in home health professionals to care for your loved one.


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